Encuentro Brazil


Encuentro Brazil21/02/2019 à 19h30
debate on human,
environmental and labor rights in Brazil

In 2018, Brazilians elected Jair Bolsonaro, announcing a presidential term build on the deregulation of the labor market, hostility towards indigenous and social movements and an intensification of environmental destruction. Which backlash can we expect against Brazil’s historically most marginalized groups? What’s the way forward for Brazil and how can resistance limit the damaging effects of Bolsonaro’s presidency on the country’s most vulnerable groups?

Join and participate the debate with Juliana Santos Wahlgren (European Network Against Racism) / Ana Luiza Morais Hannotte (Mulheres da Resistência no Exterior) / Allan Souza Queiroz (UGent) / Paulo Lugon Arantes (KU Leuven) / Ana Cristina Suzina (UCLouvain) / Marília Breite (moderator).

Entrance free, but registration required: https://tinyurl.com/ycbx7vpb

More information: facebook.com/events/2193410557578436/

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